Mackinac Packing List

Complete Class A Uniforms

Adult leaders will launder class A uniforms only - we can wash one set while you wear the other.  MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS IN ALL UNIFORM PARTS (including neckerchiefs, belts, and berets).  Sewn in tags or permanent laundry markers work best.  Sharpies blur!

Troop will supply rain ponchos / jackets if needed.

Do not bring electronics or knives.    

Phones can be brought but CANNOT be used on duty.  There is a multi port charging station, but you must bring your own cord.  Label it.  Troop 111 is not responsible for broken or missing electronics.

Do not bring food - you will be very well fed and no food is allowed upstairs.

THERE IS LIMITED ROOM in the Scout quarters.  Pack efficiently.  Gear should fit under the bed!