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Mackinac Packing List

Pack a LUNCH for the ride up.  Everything must be disposable (no coolers).  Bring a disposable water bottle for this meal.

Complete Class A Uniforms
  • 2 short sleeve Scout shirts (with Honor Guard Shoulder Strip in place of (or covering) Council CSP and Troop Numerals)
  • 2 pairs of Scout shorts
  • 2 pairs of BSA dark green socks (no show)
  • BSA belt
  • Beret
  • Troop 111 Neckerchief
  • Neckerchief slide
  • Red jacket
  • Black or brown shoes.  Must be completely black or completely brown - one color.  
  • Mackinac Honor Guard Patch (round) in plastic holder
  • Name Badge
  • Watch
Adult leaders will launder class A uniforms only - we can wash one set while you wear the other.  MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS IN ALL UNIFORM PARTS (including neckerchiefs, belts, and berets).  Sewn in tags or permanent laundry markers work best.

  • Reusable WATER BOTTLE for off duty time.  We are eliminating the 1,000's of waxed paper cups we go through.  Must be labeled.  We will have a washing and sanitizing station.
  • Work clothes for service project.
  • Fitted Sheets (twin size), and top sheet - 2 set recommended, pillow, light blanket (nights may be chilly this year)
  • Towels (2 recommended)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap/shampoo, razor & shaving cream/gel, comb/brush, etc.
  • Underwear for 8 days
  • T-shirts for 8 days
  • Extra/athletic shoes (for off duty)
  • Swim Suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Long pants (1) / Sweatshirt (1) (nights may be chilly this year)
  • Prescription medicines
  • Notepad and writing utensils
  • Spending money
  • Cards, books, baseball gloves, etc.
Troop will supply rain ponchos / jackets if needed.

Do not bring electronics or knives.    
Phones can be brought but CANNOT be used on duty.  There is a multi port charging station, but you must bring your own cord.  Label it.  Troop 111 is not responsible for broken or missing electronics.
You cannot wear sunglasses on duty (unless your prescription glasses are "Transitions" or other darkening lenses)
Do not bring food - you will be very well fed and no food is allowed upstairs.

THERE IS LIMITED ROOM in the Scout quarters.  Pack efficiently.